assalamu'alaikum . ! :)

bebunga selasih berona merah..harum wanginya citra pesona..terima kasih sudikan ziarah..walau ianya tak seindah mana..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

``a SonG 4 u.. bY MirWana

``Thank you
for simply being there
On `e cloudy days
On `e sunny days..
Thank you..
For sharing Your joys
and pains with me
For showing me
that i'm so special
that my contribution count
through our friendship
i've grown as a person
and i hope you've too..
Thank you..
just for you..
Thank you
for simply being my friend
for the special memories
we share together now
for the never ending support
you always give me
I'll always luv you
I can't tell you how much
that you mean to me..
I pray for our everlasting friendship
never ever say gudbye to yesterday
cause yesterday was so special n wonderful
and I hope tomorrow will be better
thank you..
my friend.. :)``

** p/s: for my best3 friendz: faeezah,mahani,milla,atiqah,hafizah,aida.. :)**